12 Extra HCG Mixing Needles (NO SYRINGE)

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HCG Mixing Needles are yet another basic essential for those individuals that are practicing Dr. Simeons' HCG weight loss protocol. These are large bore needles for fast mixing of HCG, not for injection. If you need mixing needles in addition to the ones that are sold in our HCG Mixing Kits, then you will definitely want to take a look at our HCG mixing needles. HCG is NOT included.

HCG Supplies - 12 Additional Needles for Mixing HCG for Dr Simeons HCG Weight Loss Protocol

If you wish to have additional needles to change them during the HCG mixing process then this is for you. This is a lot of 12 needles (no syringes) to be used with the HCG Mixing Syringes from HCG Supplies.

    HCG Supplies:
  1. 12--Needles for mixing (No Syringes) Not for injection.
  2. These needles fit our 10ml mixing syringes and our 3ml injection syringes.
  3. These needles DO NOT FIT our 1ml small subcutaneous injection syringes.
  4. The needle size is 1.5 inches, 22 gauge.
  5. Actual brands of items may be different from photo.
  6. HCG NOT Included

    See syringe & needle size comparison.

    These items can be purchased separately.
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