200 Alcohol Prep Pads

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A clean surface is of paramount importance when working with medication or any type of health-related process. When preparing your HCG mixture for suspension and storage you will definitely want to make sure that your work area is clean! HCG Alcohol prep pads, also know as alcohol wipes, will allow you to quickly and effectively clean and disinfect all surfaces, including ampoules, vials, flat surfaces, and your skin.

    This is a box of 200 Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads used for sterilizing your HCG Vials and for sterilizing your skin at the HCG injection site before an HCG Injection. HCGSupplies.com, LLC's HCG Mixing Kits come with alcohol prep pads already included.

  1. 200 Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads
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  3. HCG NOT Included
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