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Preparing your HCG mixture requires mixing HCG with Bacteriostatic Water or compatible solvent. The process also requires that you snap ampoules in half. It is possible that some of the broken glass from an ampoule may fall into your hands, or perhaps into the mixture that you are creating. Avoid this from potentially happening by using syringe filters! Syringe filters for HCG mixing kits will prevent glass from injuring you or contaminating the products you are working with. HCG is NOT included.

Keep your HCG mixture safe from ampoule glass breakage and particulate with an HCG Syringe Filter from HCG Supplies! Make your HCG Mixing Syringe into a filter syringe (aka: Filter Needle)

  • Use HCG Syringe Filters during the mixing process only. Not for use during an injection.
  • You will receive ONE filter
  • Individually packaged for your protection.
  • Product brand may differ from photo
  • These filters DO NOT fit on the small SQ insulin style needles
  • HCG NOT Included

    See syringe & needle size comparison.
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