6 Large Syringes with Needles for HCG Mixing

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Purchase large syringes used for mixing HCG for Dr Simeons weight loss protocol. Kevin Trudeau recently brought this method of weight loss back into the spotlight. Bacteriostatic water is an essential ingredient in the reconstitution (or mixing) of human chorionic gonadotropin HCG and human growth hormone HGH. Mixing with Bacteriostatic Water is also required for peptides, growth factors, Testosterone, and many other compounds originally stored and shipped in powdered form. Bac-Water is also commonly used in midwifery. These HCG Mixing syringes are essential for mixing all types of compounds that are shipped in powered form with Bacteriostatic Water.

    HCG Supplies included:
  1. 6--Large 10cc syringes w/needles for mixing
  2. The needle size is 1.5 inches, 22 gauge.
  3. This is a very long and large needle
    for easy mixing; too large for injecting.
  4. Actual brands of items may be different from photo.
  5. HCG NOT Included

See syringe & needle size comparison.

These items can be purchased separately.
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