HCG Syringes with Needles attached 40 or 80

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If you're looking to replenish the essentials for your Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss protocol, you'll love our HCG Syringe & Needle Combo. You can get insulin needles / insulin syringes or intramuscular syringes. And remember to get your bacteriostatic water to mix your injections. Our combo offers an incredible value of quality comfortable needles and syringes. Get the best deal on our HCG Syringe & Needle Combo by purchasing larger quantities. HCG is NOT included.

Our HCG Syringes and HCG Needles provide the best combination of quality, comfort, and value. The ultra fine, surgical stainless steel needle of the syringe is coated with a lubricant film for maximum comfort. No "Dead Space" design minimizes waste and makes measuring more precise. Easy to read graduated numbers minimize dosage errors.

HCG Supplies - HCG syringes for HCG injections for Dr Simeons HCG Diet Protocol

If you need only HCG Syringes with Needles for Dr Simeons HCG Diet Protocol, we offer them separately here on this page. You may choose to purchase either 40 or 80 HCG syringes with needles attached.

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  • HCG NOT Included

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These items can be purchased separately
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