23 day HCG Mixing Kit: Used with 5000 IU HCG

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Following the HCG diet? Then you will definitely want to pick up a few HCG mixing kits also called HCG Injection Kits! Our HCG mixing kits are designed to provide you with the essential items, Bacteriostatic Water included, that you will need to mix together the ingredients you need for your Simeons weight loss protocol. With our kits you have the option to choose the exact needle length and syringe size that you need. A truly customized fit ensures that our HCG mixing kits meet your exact needs. HCG is NOT included.

HCG Supplies - 23 Day HCG Mixing Kit for the Simeons HCG Diet Protocol -- Recently made popular again by Kevin Trudeau
This HCG Mixing Kit contains all of the HCG Supplies that you will need for a 23 day Dr Simeons Protocol. Use this HCG Mixing Kit if you have 5000 iu ampoules of HCG. You get all of this from one place and it's completely organized for you. Choose your needle length and syringe size. These HCG Mixing Kits are completely customizable to fit your preferences. Some people call this a 30 day HCG Injection Kit. Don't worry; no matter what option you choose, you will be sure to have all you need to complete your 23 day Dr Simeons Protocol from HCG Supplies.

    HCG Mixing Kit includes:
  1. HCG NOT Included
  2. 25--Injection Syringes
  3. 1--30ml sterile capped vial
  4. 1--Large Syringe w/needle for mixing
  5. 1--30ml Vial of Bacteriostatic water
  6. 30--Alcohol Wipes
  7. Actual brands of items may be different from photo.
  8. HCG NOT Included
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